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Silva Courses From the mind of José Silva
“So that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world”
Silva ESP Research
Research by Dr. J.W. Hahn    Dr. Hahn conducted this research when he was director of Mind Science Foundation to determine scientifically how effective Jose Silva’s Mind Control System is. He sent questionnaires to 10,000 Silva Method graduates, and more than 1,100 responded. 99.6% reported that they were satisfied with the Silva Method and glad that they had taken the course.
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Improved Health In a survey of 1,107 participants conducted for the Mind Science Foundation, more than twice the percentage of those seeking health benefits reported improved health as a result of using Silva techniques.
Improved Sleep Greater facility in entering sleep without drugs is one of the skills learned by Basic Lecture Series participants. Natural sleep is vital to the maintenance of proper physical and mental health.
Improved Relaxation Ability The ability to enter levels of deep relaxation is critical to the reduction of potentially damaging physical tension and psychological stress.
Increased Creativity Imagination has long been recognized as a key component of creativity. The Silva System, by offering techniques for exercising the imagination, effectively increases creativity, as reported by its graduates.
Control Dreams Dream Control, to remember dreams and use them for practical problem- solving, was adopted and used successfully by approximately four time as many individuals as reported seeking benefits by means of this technique.
Eliminate Bad Habits The control of habits such as smoking and excessive eating can be difficult. Participants report success in controlling habits with Silva techniques.
Improved Memory Increased memory functioning, including information storage and recall, are part of the Basic Lecture Series. Again, the number of graduates reporting successful results in these areas was higher than the number originally seeking such results
Psychic Awareness The development of a superior intuitive sense is thought to be related to success in many areas. These data indicate that students in the Basic Lecture Series do have experiences of an intuitive or psychic nature, and that the intuitive sense is enhanced by this form of mental training.
Belief in ESP The percentage of individuals who expressed belief in ESP increased as a result of the class experiences, while expressions of disbelief or uncertainty about ESP decreased.
General ESP (Combined Precognition, Telepathy, and Clairvoyance) After completion of the Silva training there was a 37.5 percent decrease in the number of individuals who had reported zero psychic experiences prior to taking the course.
Psychic Experiences The same population reported an increase after the Silva training in the number of psychic experiences. In the category of 6 to 10 experiences there was an increase of 61.2%, and in the 10 or more category there was an increase of 56.5%.