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Persimmon Experiment proves to a novice healer that we can collect and transmit healing energy through our hands Sister Shakeenah Kedem lived in Nahziryah Monastic Community environments for 28 years developing her spirituality and her holistic faith healing skills. In early 2009, while living as a renunciate Sister of an Order, a nun, she studied Jose Silva's Holistic Faith Healing techniques to assist with the healing service she was responsible for which included distance or remote healing. During her study, she read about the Tomato Experiment, conducted by a Silva Mind Control Instructor in Hawaii in 1974. This experiment, which is done while at the alpha brain wave level, demonstrated the effectiveness of charging water with healing energy. This inspired Sister Shakeenah to perform her own experiment, using the persimmons that were available instead. Sister Shakeenah now lives in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She is a member of the Arkansas Healers Group. To learn more you can visit her web site: "I hope that the persimmon experiment will be instrumental in inspiring others as well," the sister said. "Sometimes when I had gotten a little discouraged or unsure I instantly recalled the persimmon 'proof' and this helped greatly.” The experiment The intent of the experiment was to determine if mental projections of energy with the intent of healing would actually be adequately projected by the sender conducting the experiment, and received by a receiver. The end result in whatever direction, would assist the sender in perfecting the skill of projecting healing energies locally and via distance. Two persimmons were used for the experiment; one slightly riper than the other. It was decided to transmit the energies to the riper one since it would more than likely be the first to deteriorate under normal conditions. After a brief centering meditation, the visualization of several colors one at a time, were projected into the jar of water used to put the riper persimmon in, through the palm of the hands and fingertips. Both jars of water were from a deep underground untreated water supply. A total of 30 minutes was dedicated to projection of energy to the persimmon.  Both persimmons sat in their jar of water for 13 hours. The 2nd part of the experiment. Thirteen days after beginning, (1st January 2009), there was a noticeable settlement of liquid underneath the uncharged fruit and a slight sour smell. The charged fruit had no liquid settlement and still smelled fresh like sweet persimmon. Fifteen days after beginning, (3rd January 2009), the uncharged persimmon was clearly swollen with sour liquid, had several lesions on the skin with liquid seeping from the openings. Liquid was more visible as settling underneath the fruit.  At day 23 the liquid being excreted was dark orange/brown, while the charged persimmon still had no signs of liquid settling underneath and showed signs of slowly dehydrating. The 3rd part of the experiment. The conclusion of the Sister's experiment is as follows: 26 Days after beginning the observation with the two persimmons, the uncharged persimmon was still clearly in a state of more decay. The Uncharged Persimmon had obvious mold at the surface openings as shown in the photograph. The fruit when opened on that day also had clear differences between them. "As projector of the energies," the Sister said, "I am grateful to have observed the modest and moderate outcome of this experiment; being a novice in this particular art, it is very encouraging to see these differences, and to know that one's efforts are not in vain. "Now, its time to return to service... towards better health - physical, mental and spiritual well being...  consciousness expansion and further spiritual development throughout all existence. "Peace be with all." Editors note: For instructions from Jose Silva about how to energize water for healing, please click here.
 End of experiment: Jan. 14, 2009
Excess liquid removed previous to photo above on Jan. 14. Uncharged persimmon clearly more decayed than the ripe persimmon that was energized on Dec. 19.
Jan. 14: The energized persimmon has some signs of decay, no liquid settlement underneath and in general better health than uncharged persimmon.
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