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“So that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world”
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The Three Faces of You It is relatively easy for you to take control of your intellect and use it. But what about your feelings, your emotions? Is there someone else inside each of us, a part of us we hardly know, that is in charge of feelings, instincts, emotions, intuition? Are we really two people? Yes, we are. In fact, we are really three people. Sigmund Freud identified them as Ego, Superego and Id. Eric Berne identified them as Parent, Adult and Child. Both of those models are somewhat limited when compared to the model that Dr. J. Wilfred Hahn came up with. Dr. Hahn is a biochemist by training, and a parapsychology researcher by inclination. He has served as a valuable scientific consultant to Jose Silva for more than three decades, and is one of the leading researchers in the new science of psychorientology. Dr. Hahn realized a long time ago that a part of him believes in education and science and the things of the physical world that he can see, hear, smell, taste and touch; while another part of him believes in fun without understanding why it is fun, that believes in love without being able to prove that love in a laboratory, that believes in intuition even when it cannot be verified by standard scientific criteria.
Dr. J.W. Hahn and Jose Silva
Willie, Wilfred, and Will To help him understand himself better. Dr. Hahn decided to refer to the serious, intellectual side of himself as Wilfred, and the playful, creative and intuitive side of himself as Willie. And he realized that there is a director at some level higher than either Wilfred or Willie. He calls the director Will. There is some irony here. Our conventional educational systems and processes concentrate on teaching Wilfred, on making changes (and hopefully improvements) to the intellectual side of us. That's what happens in school, and in the pages of every sales training book you have read...before this one. What about Willie? How do you learn to manage your feelings, your instincts, your creativity, your emotions, your intuition? How do you learn to orient and direct your mind towards solving problems in your life and achieving outstanding success? Read on. A new model of how human beings function in the objective and subjective dimensions Dr. J. Wilfred Hahn, a long time consultant to Jose Silva, developed a marvelous system to help us better understand objective-subjective functioning. “I realized,” Dr. Hahn said, “that there are different aspects of my personality. "On the one hand, I'm a logical, rational scientist, who can conduct experiments, and who can figure things out logically and rationally,” he explained. “But there is also another part of me,” he continued, “a part of me that is curious about things, that wants to know about things that maybe aren't logical, things like ESP and psychic ability. There is a part of me that gets creative ideas and inspiration, often without any logical explanation for the source of the ideas. “While one part of me knows I should be working, the other part wants to play. Sometimes I know that I should do this because I'll make more money, but I want to do that because it’s more fun,” he said. Self-awareness To help make sense of it, he gave names to the different aspects: The scientist, logical, rational part, the part that has the attributes we assign to the left brain hemisphere, he calls Wilfred. The other part he calls Willie. Looking at Wilfred and Willie, we notice several things: Willie gets overpowered by Wilfred. Wilfred is the one who can think of reasons why he can't do something, and can give you a thousand and one perfectly logical reasons. Willie is sitting there saying, “Why not try it?” Who is who “When I am standing up there talking to you,” Dr. Hahn explains, “you are seeing Wilfred. When I use my logic to explain this to you, that’s Wilfred talking. “But they tell us that 80 percent of communication is non-verbal. The non- verbal communication is in our body language, our eyes, our inflection and tone of voice. All of that is usually under the control of Willie.” Wilfred is guided by recognition. Wilfred is concerned with the outside world. Whenever something happens, Wilfred looks around to see what could have caused it. “For instance,” Dr. Hahn explained, “if the chemistry within me changes, Willie spots it and becomes aware of it and experiences it. Wilfred looks around to find out what caused it. The change in my brain chemistry might have been caused by something I ate, but Wilfred may not know that, and will blame it on something somebody said to me. Neither Wilfred nor Willie alone gives the true picture. “If there’s something wrong, don't ask Wilfred about it. If he can't find a reason, he'll make one up. He must have some logical reason for things.” Wilfred sees order in everything. Willie sees patterns. When Wilfred gets the pattern from Willie, then Wilfred says, “I'm a genius!” Willie sees a picture and thinks, How pretty. Wilfred says, What makes it look so good? Wilfred always has to have a reason. Communicating with the genius within There are several ways to communicate with Willie. Wilfred makes all the noise, he guards the gate. So what we need to do is make Wilfred quiet down a bit, get him out of the way. You can get rid of Wilfred by using a lot of repetition. Say the same thing over and over and over again and eventually, Wilfred gets bored with the repetition and stops paying attention to it. That’s how affirmations work. That’s why positive thinking is so important to us. Eventually you get to the point that you are saying things over and over again without even realizing it. But Willie knows it. Eventually Willie gets overloaded with all this negativity. Like any good computer, Willie is going to respond to what is put in. “Garbage in, garbage out.” Pretty soon we start getting some bad output from the computer. Get that cleaned up and Willie can do what he is supposed to do. According to Dr. Hahn, another time you can communicate directly with Willie is when there is fear, in an emergency for instance. “Wilfred doesn't know what to do, and runs away,” Dr. Hahn explained. “Have you ever frozen in an emergency? Now, that’s a good time to program somebody. “If you have children, when the child gets hurt, that’s a great time to program them.” Using alpha Another way to get through to Willie is to enter the alpha level. Then you have direct access to Willie. In the Silva Centering Exercise, you are using your imagination to communicate with Willie to relax your muscles. You are not using drugs or any other of Wilfred's physical tools; you are using your mind to communicate directly and get Willie to relax your muscles. Wilfred thinks this is kind of silly, and gets out of the way so Willie can do it. It may take a little while before Wilfred leaves, but you will know when he does because that’s when you relax. At level, you can communicate directly with Willie. Wilfred is a doubter. He has a thousand reasons why he is not a genius. So we read the genius statements directly to Willie. This is what makes such profound changes in people: We are communicating directly with Willie. Willie is the one who can heal your body. If you cut your finger, doctors don't know how to make the cells grow back together. They can stitch it up so it won't scar, but the cells grow back on their own. All of the tools that Wilfred uses, only help to establish an environment where Willie can repair the cells and heal the body. When you are at your level, at your ideal place of relaxation, Willie loves it. But Wilfred wants to be in charge, so Wilfred gets insistent and starts telling you about all the things you have to worry about, things to take care of. Wilfred seems to say, Stop daydreaming and pay attention! I've got logic - I'm the highest intelligence around here! So you say, Okay Wilfred, we'll get back to you in a little bit. For now, we're going to stick with Willie. Avoid getting into an argument with Wilfred. Just acknowledge him and go back to Willie. Logic vs. experience Willie and Wilfred think just the opposite of each other. What makes sense to one does not make sense to the other. Wilfred always has to know Why. Wilfred doesn't want to accept something until it can be explained logically. That’s the scientist. And thank goodness we have him, because his logical thinking accomplishes a lot for us. But thank goodness for Willie, too. Willie accepts things because he has experienced them. Tell Wilfred you appreciate his need to understand things logically, but that right now we are going to go to level and do things, even if they don't seem logical. Wilfred will vacate the premises, and we can work with Willie. When you analyze your experience, you are using Wilfred. Whenever Wilfred starts talking, Willie can't be heard. When Wilfred speaks, Willie shuts up. That is the way we evolved. Wilfred - beta - was the last to evolve, and is on the top of the heap, the most “intelligent.” In order to work with Willie, we have to get Wilfred to back off, to be quiet. Meet your higher self There is a third concept involved with all of this: Will. You can look at Will several ways. You could say that it takes an act of Will to do anything. “Will is the director,” Dr. Hahn explains. “Now, who makes the decision to turn to Wilfred or Willie? Will makes that decision. In fact, Willie and Wilfred and both included in Will. Will mediates, and decides whether we are going to focus on Wilfred or Willie.” The concept of Will can be extended even further. Jose Silva says that we have both biological intelligence, and human intelligence. He defines human intelligence as being the same thing that the church refers to as the human soul. It is an intelligence that functions in the spiritual (subjective) dimension, the way that biological intelligence functions in the physical (objective) dimension. You could say that Will is human intelligence. Functioning clairvoyantly It is our human intelligence - Will - functioning in the spiritual dimension that can obtain information that is not available to our physical senses. But if the information that Will (human intelligence) perceives is not physical information, and is not in a physical form, then how can Wilfred become aware of it or use it? It is possible for Wilfred to become aware of information from Will because Willie is a translator, an interpreter. This explains why clairvoyance takes place while we are at the alpha level. If you want to communicate with higher intelligence (God), you must call on Will, in the spiritual dimension. Wilfred makes a request of Willie, who translates it and passes it on to Will. When Will comes back with an answer, Willie takes it and converts it to a form that Wilfred can understand - a physical form. Teaching Willie to correct problems In the Silva System, we first learn how to quiet Wilfred so that we can communicate directly with Willie. Then we begin to re-educate Willie and teach him how to translate information back and forth between Wilfred and Will. We start by recalling how Wilfred experiences your living room’s south wall, and communicating this information to Willie. Then we ask Willie to find out how Will experiences the wall, and communicate the information back to us in a form that Wilfred can understand. Then in the future, whenever Will experiences the same thing again, Willie knows what it is and sends the information to Wilfred the same way he did the first time. That’s how we can convert subjective information and use it to correct problems in the objective dimension.