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Silva Courses From the mind of José Silva
“So that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world”
Silva ESP Research
Silva Mind Control Research Compendium of Scientific Reports How the Scientific Community learned about Jose Silva's Mind Training Systems Scientific Reports that corroborate Jose Silva's research findings Research on the Effectiveness of the Silva Systems in many areas Holistic Faith Healing research We also have reports of research conducted by other scientists in the field of ESP and human capabilities: Professor John Mihalasky headed up a 10-year research project on precognition and how it benefits business people. He found that some people are able to predict the future, and these are the people who make decisions that generate the highest profits. Here are articles by two scientists who were long-time consultants to Jose Silva: Dr. Fred Bremner, who conducted the research that proved that Jose Silva had developed a system to teach people to enter the alpha level with conscious awareness, and Dr. J. Wilfred Hahn, who was Director of Mind Science Foundation when he first came to investigate Jose Silva's work. Cleve Backster was the first to discover Primary Perceptive Capability in plants. Then Backster went on to demonstrate that our cells can perceive our intentions even before we act. Dr. Bernard Grad brought a holistic faith healer into his laboratory and measured his ability to use the energy in his hands to encourage faster plant growth, and to heal disease and wounds in laboratory mice. The Tomato Experiment was conducted by a Silva Instructor, and demonstrates the healing power that you have in your own hands.
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