Help with Downloads When you get to the Download page you will see several buttons to Download the products - that's a gray button that is yellow on the left end, and the word "download" in blue. When you click the button to download the media files, you should get a box that asks you if you want to open it or save it. Select Save and specify a folder on your hard drive. After you have downloaded it, you can open it. iDevice: Apple doesn’t allow direct downloads to its iPad or iPhone except from the iTunes store. You can download our files to a computer (not a mobile device) and then transfer them to into iTunes on your mobile device. There are some apps that will allow you to download to your iDevice hard drive and then you can synchronize them with your iTunes. The most popular seems to be Goodreader. You can check it out and see if you like it. If you know of a better option, please help other iDevice owners by letting us know and we will post it here. Thank you. Some people have tried to open the audio files with a media player, and it doesn't work. If that happens to you, then first download the file to your hard drive and then open your media player. When you click on the Download button, you should get a box that gives you a choice to either "Open with" or "Save to Disk." Under that is a box you can check to "Do this automatically..." from now on. If you don't see that box when you click on the Download link, then perhaps some has clicked that at some time in the past so that your computer always tries to open the file. It won't work that way. You have to download the files to your hard drive. Here are 3 suggestions: Change your setting so that you have the option to Download the file to your hard drive. DO NOT use a media player for this... just download it. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer makes this difficult to do, and each version of IE handles it differently. To make matters worse, even the same version of IE is different depending on which operating system you are using (there are different instructions if you have the Vista OS for instance). The Firefox browser is much easier: just go to the Tools menu, select Options, and on the first tab there you will see where you can specify what to do. If you are using a PC, then you can Right-Click and Save Target As... That might give you the option to Save to your hard drive. A few years ago we found another great option, a program called Internet Download Manager (IDM). It will download just about anything, it will download multiple files simultaneously or you can que them up and it will download them one after the other. You can also resume a download if it is interrupted, rather than having to start over. It was easy to install, simple to use, and we haven't had any problems with it. They have been sending us free updates every few months ever since we bought it. You can download a copy and use it for 30 days for free, then pay $25 (as of this writing) if you want to keep it. You can download the free trial from this web page File names Sometimes the files have the extension .zip, even though they are not compressed. If this happens, please rename them with the correct extension when you download them: .rm for Real Media, .mp3 for mp3 audio, and .pdf for eBooks. We are knowledge-able in the human brain and the human mind, not the internet, so please forgive us for any small glitches. We depend on several excellent suppliers to help us, and sometimes it takes a while to get everything done. mp3 audio recordings You should be able to play mp3 audio recordings on any media player on your computer. If you have a CD recorder, you can also burn them to CD as Data files, and play them on most moder CD and DVD players that will recognize mp3 files. You can also transfer them to your mp3 player, usually via a USB or Firewire connection. Media players for the Real Media (and other) files You can use the current version of the Real Audio player to listen to the Real Audio programs. You can get it from You can also play the Real Media audio and video - and just about every other format on the internet - with the VLC Media Player. You can download it for free from the web site. Free Download Sample Before ordering downloads, please click the button below to download a free audio recording of Ed Bernd Jr. titled The Value of ESP. Please click on the link and make sure that you can download this file to your hard drive and then play it with your media player before you purchase any downloads. This download is free, you won't be charged anything, and there is no obligation. Thank you. ZIP file We have combined the files in our Home Study Courses into  compressed "ZIP files" with the complete home study course. You can extract the files with a program like 7-Zip from If you prefer to download the files individually, you can use the other links. If your computer times out and stops before the download is complete, then go ahead and download the individual files. The Free Bonus items are not included in the Zip files, you just scroll down to them, after the mp3 downloads. Free Bonus Downloads Remember when you order CDs and DVDs you are entitled to free bonus downloads so you can get started immediately while your discs are on the way to you. When you complete your payment either for downloads you purchase or for discs with the free bonus downloads, remember to wait until you are redirected back to the download page - it may take 10 seconds are so - or if you are impatient, there is a link you can click to come back and get your Download items. Downloading Acrobat Documents Here is some information from the man who created the Download Guard program that we use: Some people seem to be having a bit of problem downloading PDF documents from the CBDM download screen, so I'll cover it here: When you left-click on a PDF document in your browser window, Acrobat sees that you're clicking a PDF, and will intercept that click, and try and open the file in your browser window. Because of the security that CBDM imposes so that no one can find out the real URL of the download, this won't work. You'll notice that right-clicking on the download link does work however. This is not a problem with CBDM/DLGuard, and cannot be worked around as it is because of the way Acrobat interacts with your browser. As always, if you have problems, contact us and we'll be happy to help.
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