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Jose Silva Holistic Faith Healing System
“So that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world”
Silva Stress Relief Program Learn the fabulous relaxation techniques to heal your Mind and Body Go on...Live a Stress-Free Life  Help Change Your Life... Right Now!! The real question you ask yourself is: “What can I do about stress?” Look for ways to neutralize the energy we build up from these stress-producing situations. The things we do to dissipate the energy seem to have a lot to do with the quality of our lives. In the Silva Stress Relief Program you will learn specific techniques to help you relieve the problems causing your stress.  Most stress relief programs only show you how to relax, but they won't give you any techniques to prevent the problems causing your stress.  Stress is a part of life. And it is something that is important to our survival, growth and progress. But when we let stress become distress, when we let it affect our lives, our health and happiness, then something has got to be done. Stress - adversely affects our physical health, mental health, peace of mind, interpersonal relationships, causes us to lose sleep, affects our appetites, even our sex life, causes headaches, migraines, ulcers, heart disease, constipation, can keep us from advancing in our careers, limits our productivity and creativity, fosters bad habits and undermines our self confidence. When you learn the Silva techniques to help you cope with stress in your life, you are more able to:
As soon as you receive the first email, you will learn techniques to help you relax physically... and relax mentally... any time, anywhere, even when you are in a tense and stressful situation and really need to calm down and regain control. Download the SSR program below and use it for free. Please fill out the brief form below to get your Free Silva Stress Relief program.  If you would like to donate money so that others who can't afford it can use the technique to help themselves. Signing up for the Silva Stress Relief Program is as easy as 1-2-3. 1. Fill out the form below and submit it. 2. We'll send you an email with a confirmation link to verify that it was actually you who submitted the form, and not somebody else using your email address. When you click on the confirmation link, we'll send you a series of 5 email lessons from Jose Silva Jr. that will guide you through the online coursework. 3. After you click on the Confirmation link in Step 2, we will send you to a web page where you will enter your name and email address one more time, to register for the online classroom with all of your course materials so you can begin learning and using the Silva Dynamic Meditation System immediately. If you choose to cancel your subscription and not complete the 5 lessons, you can unsubscribe at any time and we will not send you any more emails. If you'd like to meet the Avlis Productions team now, or if you'd like to ask us any questions before you continue, please visit our About Us page. Thank you for enrolling, and please feel free to call on us any time we can be of service. The Avlis Productions Team Start now: To get started, just enter your name and email address and submit the form below. If you decide it is not for you, you can cancel at any time. Thank you. If you missed it, you can subscribe for free to the Silva Stress Relief email lessons. There is no obligation, and every email includes an “unsubscribe” link. Go ahead: Send this page to a friend... make a difference in someone's life.
	Maintain good health 	Concentrate Better 	Be happier 	Have better relationships 	Be more productive 	Enjoy life more
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Thank you, lesson 1 centering exercise is brillant... =)  I have master it... and i can even go to theta level in that... count 3, 2, 1 and 12345 to open eyes.. =) Cheers, Edwin, Singapore My insomnia went away after I used the Centering Exercise from the free lessons. It seemed to be a matter of learning how to relax. Now I have to work on staying awake. I'm yawning as I write this. JW, Michigan I met the Silva Method in the summer of 1991 when I learned meditation from the book The Silva Mind Control Method. I practiced counting down from 100 to 1 for ten days, from 75 to 1 for ten days, and so on. On October 3, 1991, I had a car accident -- a frontal crash with a bus. I was clinically dead for 17 minutes. For two days I was in a coma. Then I couldn't move for 140 days. I had nine broken bones, including an open fracture of the left leg, and also serious fractures of the lower leg and arms, as well as a broken nose and a broken bone by my left eye. My parents were told that my injuries were such that even if I left the hospital I would be physically handicapped and not able to work. I started to meditate three times a day, and after ten months, on August 3, 1992, I returned to work. I must add that my physical condition is better than before the crash. -Robert Csordas, Yugoslavia
Here is what you receive:
This brief book by Ed Bernd Jr. has been popular since first published in 1977. It deals with the art and science of relaxation, and includes a unique look at our biological programming, as well as how you can learn to make better use of the right brain hemisphere and the alpha brain wave level.
Jose Silva invested 22 years of scientific research and half a million dollars to perfect the Silva Centering Exercise. Now you can have your own copy of this "half million dollar" Centering Exercise to use whenever you desire, as often as you wish, for yourself and your loved ones. Includes complete instructions on how to practice for best results.