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“So that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world”
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Would you like to use your natural God-given intuition to: Read minds accurately Influence people from a distance Receive guidance from Higher Intelligence Create “good vibes” with anyone you meet Detect hidden information Find lasting inner peace The value of ESP Have you ever just thought of somebody and the phone rings and it's the same person? Or perhaps you say something at exactly the same time as a friend says it or thinks it! This is your own natural intuition at work. Most people are only using half of their mental ability... and it's not even the most valuable half. Can you imagine if you thought you just had one leg? If you didn't use one of your legs? You'd look at people who used both legs with amazement at how much they can do. Then imagine if somebody pointed out to you that you also have two legs, and they showed you how to use both legs together, and gave you specific exercises to strengthen the leg you had not been using so that it would be as strong as the other one. Imagine hopping around on one leg... compared to walking and running and dancing and climbing stairs with both! That's the difference between being limited to just objective information, as compared to being able to also detect subjective information - what we call intuition, or ESP. And then imagine being able to tap into a higher power - to communicate directly with higher intelligence - what some people call God (however you choose to define that) - and add the insight and information and intelligence of God to your arsenal. Imagine how much easier it would be to make the correct decisions, to do the right things. That's what Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System is all about: Learn to use both your logical left-brain hemisphere and your creative and intuitive right-brain hemisphere. It is like using 2 brains instead of just 1 Learn to function in the objective - physical - dimension, and also in the subjective - mental dimension In the Silva UltraMind ESP System you will learn simple exercises to strengthen the parts of your brain and mind that you probably aren’t using, so that you can accomplish far more than you are accomplishing now. Learn to actually use the untapped power of your mind Do you have access to all of the tools that the creator gave you for making decisions, and then implementing those decisions? Are you using both brain hemispheres - or just limping around and using only the left brain hemisphere? Using only one brain hemisphere to detect information - and only objective (physical) information - at that is like hopping around on one leg, compared to using both legs. That's the value of Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System. To see a chart that Jose Silva prepared to illustrate this, please click here. In this course, you will: Use guided mental exercises to find the correct level of mind so you can use your ESP. Learn correct attitude that will unlock the door to your intuition Find out how to qualify for and obtain guidance from higher intelligence, and how to recognize, understand, and use the guidance Discover how pendulums, dowsing rods, and other similar phenomena work, and how you can use them to help you detect information and make decisions Learn how to use automatic subjective communication between mother and child: how a mother can influence her child at a distance without speaking a word
3 steps to develop your own natural God-given intuition with the Silva UltraMind ESP System Click Here
Special Report on Remote Viewing & Mental Projection To read this special report about the US government’s $20 million Remote Viewing program and you can learn the same thing and more, please click here
How ESP makes you a genius and leads to Wisdom by Jose Silva We now know that human intelligence, at the beta or at alpha, you can detect information on your own brain cells. At the alpha, you can detect information on your own brain cells, plus any information on any neurons wherever they are. And that's subjective communication. If you are able to become aware of information impressed on some other brain, you can. Then you can make use of that information, or those experiences, as though they were your own. So you do not need to be limited to your own impressions on your own brain cells at the alpha or the theta, because you can now become aware of information impressed on other brains, at their alpha or their theta, along with becoming aware of their experiences. You will be using other human being's experiences as your own, which means: now it is not just a matter of reading books and storing information at the beta; it is not just a matter of storing it strongly, and impressing it strongly at the alpha. But also, how you are to use this information. We know that you can improve your IQ factor by recalling information previously impressed. Now, not only at the beta but also at the alpha. You can also improve the IQ factor by sensing as how to use this information, and using the experiences of others in determining how you are to use your own information. By subjective communication you can find means and ways of using that information in a superior manner. Which means, IQ factor-wise, it is not just having more information and recalling more information that will make a difference. It is how we use this information; how wisely you apply the use of this information. By exposing other brains to your awareness, their experiences to your awareness, you are now in a position to use what information you have, along with their's, very wisely. This is wisdom. Accumulation of information, will reach a level of having knowledge, applied wisely, is wisdom. You have two dimensions to store information: You have the beta senses, to store information at the beta region of the brain. You have the alpha senses, to store information at the alpha region of the brain. You have subjective communication to become aware of information impressed on other brain cells, which means other brains of other human beings, wherever they are, and to become aware, to sense, how they have been using this information, and use it as your own. And that is wisdom.
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Free Membership in the Silva alumni association: All of our seminars and home study courses, include free membership in the Silva International Graduate Association, serving Silva graduates since 1982. You receive admission to our online clubhouse, and a free subscription to the email edition of the SIGA Success Strategies Magazine. Download the popular SIGA Self-Orientation Program with special morning and evening conditioning cycles to help you Innergize your day, and to end the day on a positive note and pre-program a great tomorrow. You can also download recordings of some of the most popular workshops presented through the years by some of the top Silva instructors. Membership is free, so be sure to click the link and register after you download your product.
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The only courses available today actually authored by Jose Silva The only authentic Jose Silva courses that have not been changed or altered by someone else after his passing. -Jose Silva Jr.
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Health Cases If you have a health problem and would like for Silva graduates worldwide will work on it, or if you are a Silva graduate who wants to work health cases, please visit: 
Health Cases If you have a health problem and would like for Silva graduates worldwide will work on it, or if you are a Silva graduate who wants to work health cases, please visit: 
Develop your natural God-given intuition with Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP Systems
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Understand yourself and others better. Bad decisions lead to disappointment, unhappiness, suffering, failure. Good ones bring success, happiness, respect, love. Enjoy deeper and stronger relationships Gain insight to other peoples’ thoughts, emotions, dreams, fears, hopes, needs Influence others with mental projection Make people proud of you Instantly know if someone's lying to you See peoples’ talents, even those they don’t see themselves Help your children develop their natural intuition and immunize them spiritually so they will never lose that God-given ability Get answers from higher intelligence that will make all of your relationships better
Do you want a better job? A raise? Better working conditions? Better employees? More sales? A more satisfying and meaningful life? Intuition can help you do all this and more: Accurately forecast business trends in advance Detect hidden information Create an instant connection with people Mentally sense the right thing to say and do Influence others from a distance Find your right work, your mission in life Trust your judgment and your decisions, end doubt and second-guessing, by asking higher intelligence to confirm - or correct - your decisions Live a life that's prosperous, fulfilled, and happy
Learn to use intuition to become aware of potential health problems before they affect you and your loved ones, and take preemptive action to avoid them. Silva graduates report being able to accelerate healing and amaze their doctors Let your intuition guide you to the best foods to eat, the best exercises to do, to get fit and stay healthy with the least effort Get and stay healthy longer by learning to tune in to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs Use distant (prayer) healing to help loved ones no matter how far away they are Find lasting inner peace by clearing your mind and heart of psychological barriers and past baggage
Wellness Personal growth  and spirituality
Have you ever felt like there was something more you should be doing with your life? Maybe you have a hidden talent just ready to launch you to great success. Or a special mission, a soul purpose, you are ready to achieve? Imagine having guidance from a higher power who can guide you to succeed and fulfill your mission in life. Enhance and expand your consciousness Grow spiritually Gain a deeper sense of inner peace Develop greater understanding, compassion, and patience with others Help others, improve living conditions on the planet, and when you move on, leave behind a better world for those who follow - including your children and grandchildren Make the rest of your life the best of your life
Use your ESP to increase your sales and income
Whether you are a beginner or a world champion, there are techniques in the Silva Star Athlete Superstars Fitness Secrets Program that you can use to your physical and mental skills. Don't just sit and watch other people enjoying the rewards of success - get up and get involved.
If you want to dramatically increase your sales and income, you can do it. If you want to be recognized as a leader in your profession, this is now within your grasp. If you want to provide all the things you'd like for yourself and your loved ones, the choice is up to you. Follow Jose Silva’s simple step-by-step guidance to the top of your profession.
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Develop your intuition in just 2 days in a live seminar. Or if you prefer, learn at your own convenience with the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Complete Home Seminar. Either way, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
Ask me how the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems can help you If you have questions or want to know more - if you are thinking about taking the course - if you are eager start and want to register now... contact me for a special offer. You can email me, text me, post a message to me on my Facebook  page, call me and we'll talk, Skype me, and I'll be happy to help you. To arrange a time to talk by phone or Skype, please email me. Thank you.