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Information about brain/mind function:

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Information about brain/mind function:

Jose Silva's work has been praised by people around in the world, in all walks of life
Dr. Wayne Dyer said that the Silva Method has helped him overcome illnesses and accidents and avoid surgery. He encourages people to attend Silva training sessions.
Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, is a man I have admired for a long time. I have used The Silva Method of visualization for many years. It has helped me overcome illnesses and accidents and avoid surgery. I urge you to attend Silva training sessions. -Wayne W. Dyer, author of Real Magic

Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization, credits the Silva Method with introducing her to the power of her own mind
"The most important technique I learned in The Silva Method was creative visualization... I found that it was amazingly effective." -Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization

Mark Victor Hanse, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, is a long time Silva Method graduate and supporter
"If you can count, you can count on the Silva Sales Power Method to skyrocket your sales. This teaches how to sell your way through the top. Learn to enjoy success, achievement and all the benefits of the good life like time, money and lifestyle freedom while selling yourself by Silva's ideas."   
-Mark Victor Hansen, motivational speaker, sales trainer, and author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Dr. O. Carl Simonton MD Silva method provided tool to help cancer patient use the mind to help the healing process
The Silva Method gave
me a tool to use in teaching the patient how to begin the interaction and how to become involved in his own health process. I would say that it is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer.
-Dr. O. Carl Simonton, author of Getting Well Again

"I love it, fantastic, a much needed book to make you become the World's Greatest Anything."   -Joe Girard, number one automobile and truck sales person in the world and author of How to Sell Anything to Anybody

Author and super sales person Danielle Kennedy praises the Silva Method
Danielle Kennedy, Author of Selling-The Danielle Kennedy Way, says about Jose Silva’s Sales Power book, “Buy the book and do what it says."

Dr. Calvin Poole M.D. Life is improving since learning the Silva Method
Something seems to be happening, I am not sure what, but luck seems to be improving and the daily worries don't seem to be getting to me. Even had the comment that I looked happier than I had in a long time. Headaches are almost gone, too. I seem to have more endurance than I have had since the accident 2 years ago. I do contribute that to the System. The brain power seems to be back to normal. Like I said, I don't know HOW it works, but it does.
-Calvin Poole, M.D., Mississippi

Information about brain/mind function:

Read what the press is saying about the Silva Method
What the press is saying
"Creative visualization is really what's behind the Silva Method; that is, whatever you can visualize, you can actualize," explains Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. -Bazaar

"...the Silva Method is a practical thing: It can be used for business, health, education, for better family understanding..." -Playboy

"Silva Method graduates told me they were able to relax, lose weight, quit smoking, find love, and achieve goals that had been eluding them for years. -Family Circle

"Sales Power is full of stories about people in sales who learn to tap more of their mental power to achieve dramatic success.  -Srikumar Rao, in Success Magazine

Information about brain/mind function:

Benefits of Intuition:

Additional Resources:

If you have a health problem and would like for Silva graduates worldwide will work on it, or if you are a Silva graduate who wants to work health cases, please visit:

Information about brain/mind function:

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Develop Your Inner Conscious Mind
Learn to use all parts of your brain with whole brain multi-dimensional thinking
     Your brain is divided into several sections, each with a specific purpose:
Beta is the outer conscious part of the brain, the part that we use to take action in the physical (objective) world.
Alpha and Theta are the so-called "sub-conscious" parts of the brain, the mental (subjective) part, where plans and decisions are made.
Delta has been a mystery until recently. Now we know that the slowest delta brain wave frequencies, associated with deepest sleep at night, are where we can make contact with our source, with higher intelligence on the "other side," in the spiritual dimension.
For more information: Jose Silva: How your brain works
The 3 aspects of life:
Physical - Objective: The physical world that we detect with our physical senses, the dimension where we take action. Humans, animals, plants, all have objective faculties.
Mental - Subjective: The world of thoughts, where we detect information mentally. Everything begins with thought; it must first happen in the world of the mind, and then it happens in the world of the body. Humans, animals, plants, all have subjective faculties.
Spiritual - Higher intelligence: The dimension where we came from when we were born, and where we return when we have finished our mission here on earth. When we communicate with higher intelligence in the spiritual dimension, we can obtain all of the guidance and help that we need to carry out our mission in life. Humans have this "spiritual factor." We are now able to use Delta purposefully.

You receive these recordings in Jose Silva's Mind Training Album:
Silva Centering Exercise guides you to find your center - the 10 cycles alpha level at the center of the normal brain frequency spectrum.
     You receive two versions. The script is the same; the difference is that one has the "alpha sound" in the background to help you remain at your center, while the other has the "theta sound" to help you achieve even lower frequencies and often better results
     You can experiment with both, find out which works better for you, learn which works better for different types of projects that you are working on. More information: Silva Centering Exercise
Alpha Session and Theta Session recordings to guide you to your level with your choice of either the 10 beat per second tapping of the Alpha Sound, or the 5 beat per second tapping of the Theta Sound so that you can do whatever you need to do at your level, then a Bringout after 15 minutes. More information Click Here.
Please Note: The Alpha and Theta Sessions will help you remain at your level once you have learned to enter the alpha level. If you do not know how to function at the alpha level, you can learn with any of our home study courses, or with the Silva Centering Exercise (below).
Alpha Sound and Theta Sound recordings to you in any way that you desire. Go to level on your own and relax, or program, or make decisions, or do some creative thinking... anything you desire. If you want more than 15 minutes, just set your CD player to Repeat. More information: Alpha Sound and Theta Sound.
Please Note: The Alpha Sound will help you remain at your level once you have learned to enter the alpha level. If you do not know how to function at the alpha level, you can learn with any of our home study courses, or with the Silva Centering Exercise.
Why do we need whole brain multi-dimensional thinking?
     Because we need to use the correct level to achieve success:
     Most health problems are rooted at the alpha level, the level where human intelligence resides. Some are rooted at the theta level, where biological intelligence resides. You can experiment with both to determine which works best for a specific problem.
     During his research, Mr. Silva would program for several days with the idea that the problem was rooted alpha level. If there was no sign of progress, then he would program for several days with the attitude that the problem was rooted at the theta level. And if there was still no response, he would seek guidance from higher intelligence.
     This "whole brain multi-dimensional" approach gives you the tools to work with at every dimension.
Neutralize negative past programming
     Many Silva graduates have reported wonderful successes in dealing with old limiting beliefs, with the "wounded child" that therapists talk about, and with such problems as irrational fears, feelings of guilt that can destroy self-esteem, and self-doubts that sabotage confidence and achievement.
     Please Click Heal Past Traumas to read more about how you can use the Alpha and Theta levels to neutralize negative past programming, to "heal the wounded child," to banish fear, guilt, doubt, and much more.
Alpha and Theta pacing
     In Jose Silva's Mind Training Album, you receive recordings of both the Alpha Sound and Theta Sound so that you can do whatever you need to do in order to correct the problems.
     Nobody knows better than you, how much you hurt, or how long it will take to make the corrections, change the inner images, and install the thoughts and programs you need so that you can get on with your life.
     You also receive both the Alpha and the Theta Session, which gently guide you to your center, and then you have approximately 15 minutes of either the alpha or theta sound before you are guided back out.
     You also receive 2 recordings of the Silva Centering Exercise - one with the Alpha Sound in the background, the other with the Theta Sound.
     Jose Silva spent 22 years and half a million dollars of his own money conducting the research that resulted in what he considered his greatest achievement: A way to help people learn to use the subconscious consciously, thereby converting it into an Inner Conscious Level. That's what you get with the Silva Centering Exercise... easily a $500,000 value, yours to use as often as you like for the rest of your life.
     You can experiment with all of these different systems and find out which works best for you, and which works best on any specific project. Instead of a "coffee break," take a 15 minute "Alpha Break."
For more information: Jose Silva: How your brain works.

For more information::Jose Silva: How your brain works

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