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Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System eBook download
Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System eBook. First published in April of 2000, this new edition has been revised and updated by co-author, Ed Bernd Jr. It was the last book that Jose Silva worked on. He completed his work on the first 4 chapters before his passing in 1999. Click for Free Sample
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Sales Power the Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals ebook download
The SilvaMind Method for Sales Professionals by Jose Silva with Ed Bernd Jr. Increase your sales and income and put more money in your pocket with the SilvaMind Method for Sales Professionals. Learn how to use Silva techniques in sales. It includes dozens of case studies in many different lines, along with specific step-by-step instructions so you can do the same. Free sample click here. Read Reviews. Order Quality Paperback  here  Discount coupon for paperback edition: QAH727L7
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Jose Silva's Guide to Mental Training for Fitness and Sports
Jose Silva's Guide to Mental Training for Fitness and Sports: Think and Grow Fit contains information and techniques suitable for all levels, from amateurs to professionals to people who just want a higher level of fitness and health. Written by Jose Silva with Ed Bernd Jr.  More Information and Free Sample. Read Reviews  Order Quality Paperback Edition here  Discount coupon for the paperback edition: QAH727L7
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Click to buy The Revealer by Jose Silva as told to Ed Bernd Jr.
The Revealer: Traditionally, science and religion have kept their distance. But one pioneering researcher dared to apply scientific method to many religious claims. He dared to ask questions that many people condemn you just for asking. The answers may surprise you. This book has stirred up controversy, but progress comes, like it or not. If you are ready for a scientific look at religion, read this book.  Click for Free Sample  Order new Quality Paperback Edition here Discount coupon for the paperback edition: 2JFZ38U6
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Click to download Subjective Communication
Subjective Communication. Learn how to use your mind to communicate with your body to keep it healthy, with other people to improve rapport and strengthen your relationships, and with higher intelligence so that you can obtain guidance and help to solve more problems and make the world a better place to live. Click for Free Sample and to download now. Order Quality Paperback Edition here Discount coupon for the paperback edition: QAH727L7
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This short book, Relax It's Good for You, has been popular since Ed Bernd Jr. first wrote it back in 1977. New edition edited by Jose Silva.
Relax, It's Good for You. This brief book by Ed Bernd Jr. has been popular since first published in 1977. It deals with the art and science of relaxation, and includes a unique look at our biological programming, and how you can learn to make better use of the right brain hemisphere and the alpha brain wave level. This special edition was edited by Jose Silva.  Click for Free Sample  Order Quality Paperback Edition here Discount coupon for the paperback edition: 2JFZ38U6
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Reflections, personal evaluation by Jose Silva, founder of the Silva Method
Personal Reflections and Evaluation by Jose Silva, Founder of The Silva Mind Control Method. Among other things, he discusses what his research revealed to be the most important factors for success, and details the 7 main subjects that help him develop the Silva Method. There was no coauthor for this book, it is pure Jose Silva, from the mind of a genius direct to you. For free sample click here
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Free Download of a classic book about unconditional love 
The Greatest Thing in the World
The Greatest Thing in the World. This book, based on a lecture by an English pastor, has been popular for more than 100 years. It is about First Corinthians Chapter 13, St. Paul's letter about love. Free Instant Download, click here to download now.
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Emile Coue Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion ebook
Self-Mastery with Conscious Autosuggestion This is the book by Emile Coué, the French pharmacist who was a pioneer in using the mind to heal the body. It is compiled from two different translations of the original French edition of 1922, edited by Ed Bernd Jr., who worked for Jose Silva for 17 years and has been practicing and teaching Holistic Faith Healing since 1979. With special chapter about autosuggestion for children by Parents and Teachers.  PDF download
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As a Man Thinketh "The aphorism, As a man thinketh in his heart so is he, not only embraces the whole of a man's being, but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life. A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts." Thus begins this little book that has been popular for a century now. Includes a bonus chapter by Jose Silva presenting his practical guide to positive thinking that he called Mental Housecleaning.  Immediate PDF download
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The wisdom of Jose Silva
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Everyday ESP, new book by Jose Silva Jr. with Ed Bernd Jr., published by New Page Books.
by Jose
Silva Jr.
Ed Bernd Jr.
Jose Silva's Everyday ESP How often do you use your natural ESP: the hunch that pays off... the dream with useful information... the unexplained coincidences... the feelings that turn out right - you have an urge to call somebody and they tell you they've been wanting to talk with you, etc. You can do more than learn to use your ESP to help you gain hidden information; you can use your ESP every day to obtain guidance and help from a higher power that already knows what your right work is and how to carry it out successfully.
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by Jose Silva Jr. with Ed Bernd Jr.
The Silva Mind Control Method The million seller that introduced the world to Jose Silva's method of self-Mind Control. Written by Jose Silva and Philip Miele in 1977, it is still popular worldwide. Includes details of the basic Silva course that was first presented to the public in 1966. Silva Mind Control Method  
You the Healer Mind guides brain and brain guides body. Learn how to use your mind to heal your body. Includes dozens of inspiring case studies of people who have overcome health problems and gained the good health that is so vital to a happy life. By Jose Silva and Robert B. Stone.  You the Healer
Jose Silva, the Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Human Mind and the Method He Used A fabulous biography and how-to book about Jose Silva, the Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Human Mind and the Method He Used, by noted author and Silva lecturer Robert B. Stone. To order the book please click: Jose Silva: The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Human Mind  
Método Silva de control mental (Paperback)  Amigos lo que ofrece este libro es un curso que ayudara a tener control sobre nuestro órgano mas importante de nuestro cuerpo LA MENTE es increíble cuantas cosas podemos lograr con el pensamiento las posibilidades son casi infinitas sin embargo muy poca gente tiene el conocimiento de estas habilidades que de hecho tenemos desde que nacemos el mundo real y las situaciones estresantes de la vida cada vez nos alejan mas de la posibilidad de acércanos un poco a nuestro interior y poder trabajar con nuestra mente, para los que les guste meditar ESTE LIBRO ES PARA USTEDES pues aquí no solo aprenderán a meditar también aprenderán a hacer cosas increíbles que muchos consideran imposibles por medio de la meditación a mi este curso me ha dado muchisima paz en mi vida ha centrado mis pensamientos he obtenido salud y vivo muy bien gracias a este curso lo recomiendo ampliamente, este libro debería estar en las manos de todo ser humano y sin duda este mundo cambiaría, ¿quieres saber porque? entonces COMPRA EL LIBRO!! By Ignacio Rosas (Mexico)   Método Silva de control mental  
Método Silva para gerentes  by Jose Silva and Robert B. Stone (Paperback - Dec 1999)

Research and experiences with ESP 
The Secret Life of Your Cells Learn about ESP between your mind and plants... and even your own body's cells. Written with Cleve Backster, this book by veteran Silva lecturer Dr. Robert B. Stone tells the story of the dramatic scientific research that has been Backster's life work since 1966, demonstrating that plants, and even your own body's cells, are aware of and react to your thoughts and emotions. The Secret Life of Your Cells
Primary Perception Cleve Backster's latest research in his new book, Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods and Human Cells, published by White Rose Millennium Press, 2003. While Backster has been featured in many books, this is the only book written by Backster himself about his four decades of research. To buy, click here.
The Biology of Belief:  Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles is a groundbreaking work in the New Biology. Author Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, examins the molecular mechanisms by which cells process information, and are turned on and off by influences outside the cell.
     These influences include our perceptions and beliefs, which affect genetic activity and actually alter our genetic code. Dr. Lipton's work, hailed as one of the major breakthroughs in the New Sciences, shows how we can retrain our consciousness to create healthy beliefs, and by doing so create a profoundly positive effect on our bodies and lives. The Silva techniques provide powerful tools to do just that. The Biology of Belief
Kinship with All Life Can we communicate mentally with animals? You bet we can, according to author Allen Boone, who gives numerous examples of human communication with everything from dogs to ants and even to earthworms. Silva UltraMind ESP System graduates will find his techniques and experiences easy to duplicate.  Kinship With All Life  
Executive ESP Ten years of careful scientific research at Newark (NJ) College of Engineering demonstrated conclusively that successful executives have better ESP than the average person, and use it to earn higher than average profits for their business. Professor John Mihalasky's research also revealed things that hinder... and things that enhance... your own ESP. Out of print, but well worth searching for at and on the auction.  Executive ESP  
Dream Telepathy Fascinating research studies conducted in Stanley Kripner's sleep and dream laboratory that showed how one person can deliberately influence someone else's dreams while that person is asleep in a distant room. The ultimate "psychic persuasion" technique.  Dream Studies and Telepathy  
Healing Words Names of heart patients were given to several prayer groups, and when they were prayed for (without their knowledge), they showed dramatic improvement compared to patients in a control group who were not prayed for. This demonstration of ESP was so powerful that it made a convert of a skeptical doctor  who had previously "debunked" such claims.   Healing Words : The Power of Prayer  
Psychic Warrior When Jose Silva offered to turn over all of his research to the U.S. government free of charge in 1965, they turned him down. This book tells about the experiences that the CIA had while spending $20 million dollars researching the amazing abilities of psychics.  Psychic Warrior

Books by Silva graduates and friends
Babies Need Mothers In this revolutionary book, Dr. Clancy McKenzie MD gives clear and understandable explanations to some long standing questions about causes and treatment of psychosis and other mental illnesses. He describes cause and effect, and also provides clear, unique, and long lasting remedies. This book is rich in ideas, and promises a fruitful debate about the psychological origins of mental illness. You are sure to receive many insigiths and benefits when you read this book. Babies Need Mothers
Real Magic Dr.  Wayne Dyer says: "Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one. Read it with a pen for underlining." We feel the same about his books and albums. Real Magic is one of the best. Search on his name to find other books and albums, they are all great.  Real Magic  
Creative Visualization Shakti Gawain began her spiritual journey with Jose Silva's mind training system, and has shared her insights and wisdom with millions of readers through her books, workshops, and retreats. A captivating speaker as well as best selling author, all of her books are worth reading.   Creative Visualization  Also take a look at: Developing Intuition   
Jonathan Livingston Seagull This book by Richard Bach sold more copies in one year than any other book up until that time. Bach is a Silva Method graduate. "Mental discipline and creative visualization are what's behind the power" of the Silva system he said in an article in Harper's Bazaar magazine. This book helped launch the whole spiritual movement in the 1970s.   Jonathan Livingston Seagull   
Seeing Myself Seeing the World Jose Silva's mind training system gave Sally Vantress the courage to quit her job as a banker and ride a bicycle around the world alone. She faced her fears, dealt with unimaginable obstacles, and then showed the greatest courage of all by baring her soul to the world in her book. A dynamic, inspiring, and inspired lady, and a wonderful book.   Seeing Myself Seeing the World  
Getting Well Again Dr. O. Carl Simonton is the leader in teaching cancer patients how to use visualization and imagination to defeat the disease. He studied with Jose Silva in the early 1970s and was a featured speaker at the 1974 Silva Convention. If you're dealing with health challenges, you need to read this book.  Getting Well Again
Health, Hope, and Healing David Tate's Health Hope and Healing details his journey from sickness to health, a journey that changed his life. He credits Jose Silva's techniques for his success. In addition to having been an attorney before changing careers to become a psychologist, he was also a gifted humorist who was very popular at Silva conventions. Health Hope and Healing  
The Dream Game A best seller and one of the best books ever to help you remember, understand, and use your dreams from Silva graduate Ann Faraday. Out of print, but well worth searching for at and on the auction.  The Dream Game  For more information on dreams, please visit long time Silva consultant Dr. Clancy McKenzie's web site:   
How to Win Friends & Influence People Can it really be that easy to find happiness? Be considerate of others, help them find happiness and success, demonstrate to them how much you appreciate them. That's what Dale Carnegie found. Sounds like Jose Silva's philosophy: Do to others only what you want others to do to you. Study Dale Carnegie's book, then use your intuition, and seek guidance from higher intelligence, and you will know what to do. How to Win Friends and Influence People  
A Deeper Kind of Truth Sister Elizabeth "Liz" Reis taught Jose Silva's system for many years, and she still continues to share her great wisdom and insight. Very intuitive, and loved by everybody who knows her. Her book is out of print, but it is well worth searching for at and on the auction.  A Deeper Kind of Truth : Biblical Tales for Life and Prayer   

On the spiritual path
Robert Collier had a fabulous career in advertising and direct marketing, as well as writing a series of books called the Secret of the Ages that documented what people are capable of doing if they know how to function at the alpha brain wave level. Thirty years later, Jose Silva developed a system that everyone can use to actually do the things Robert Collier said we could do. Everything he wrote is worth reading.   Riches Within Your Reach: The Law of the Higher Potential   You can also purchase this book from Robert Collier Publications - please see the link below.
Robert Collier was "a fascinating mix of spirituality, pragmatism, and caring for others," in the words of his granddaughter Collie Collier, who has developed a web site where you can obtain many of Collier's books. For more information and guidance from Robert Collier, visit the Robert Collier web site at:    
Handbook to Higher Consciousness Ken Keyes, a real estate salesman confined to a wheelchair from polio, self-published the Handbook to Higher Consciousness in 1972 and quickly sold the 1,000 copies he'd had printed. It was so popular that within 6 years, they'd sold half a million copies! A simple, practical approach to the Science of Happiness. Handbook to Higher Consciousness  
Swami Doug Boyd works at the Menninger Foundation and was on hand to observe research studies done with some fascinating people, like Swami Rama, the Native American medicine man Rolling Thunder, and Jack Schwartz. Many of their amazing feats were documented in the laboratory, and Doug Boyd's books tell the stories.  Swami: Encounters with Modern Mystics  
The Law of Success Napoleon Hill studied the most successful people in the world, and developed a course on "The Law of Success" in 16 lessons. This book is his home study version. Hill admitted there was one "law" that was crucial, but that he could not teach: how to develop ESP. Hill's course, along with Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System, will give you all the tools that the world's most successful people have.  The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons   
Be Here Now Harvard Professor Richard Alpert couldn't find answers in LSD, but when he met a guru in India who could easily read Alpert's thoughts, he stayed and studied with him for a year. Alpert transformed himself into Ram Dass, one of the most popular speakers and writers who demonstrated that spirituality will give you what you'll never get from drugs. Be Here Now

Business books by friends of ours
     Jeff Herman is one of the great natural alpha thinkers, with wonderful intuition. He is also our literary agent, and is responsible for getting Sales Power, Think and Grow Fit, and the UltraMind books published in dozens of nations around the world. If you want to know how to get your manuscript published, Jeff's book is the best. Updated annually, make sure you get the latest edition.   Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents
     When you read Joe Girard's books, you can see how he uses his natural ESP to do and say the right thing at the right time. The Guinness Book of World Records calls him the world's Number 1 automobile and truck sales person. Girard took one look at the Sales Power book and said, "I love it, fantastic, a much needed book to make you become the World's Greatest Anything."  How to Sell Anything to Anybody

Out of print books
     We've included some books that are out of print, because they are among the best we've read. You can request to locate them for you. In addition, you can search for them yourself on the eBay auction:
     It is easy to search for the title or the author... just click the Search button at the top of the eBay page, and follow the instructions. When you find what you want, place your bid. There are about a million items up for auction at all times, and millions of people use eBay.
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     Also be sure to check the shipping cost to make sure they are reasonable. And be very careful, there are a lot of scams. Some crooks have figured out how to hijack honest eBay accounts and try to steal your money. eBay mans it when they say Buyer Beware, they are more interested in protecting sellers than buyers.

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Jose Silva shows us a "New way of living" in his UltraMind ESP System, the culmination of his 55 years of scientific research and experience in the field. Live a purpose driven life and fulfill the mission that high intelligence went you here for.

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