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Katherine Watson, owner of Avlis Productions Inc.
Kathy Watson, Owner
Avlis Productions

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Subjective Communication

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Subjective Communication
Stress free telemarketing

by Katherine Watson
Owner, Avlis Productions Inc.

     The Silva techniques have been a big help to me in my career. They helped me become a "superstar" in the very stressful job of telemarketing.
     When I got my first job, shortly after finishing high school, some people wondered if I even had a chance of succeeding. But I was lucky, because that job was with Silva International.
     The first thing they told me to do was to file some invoices. "What's an invoice?" I asked. That kind of shook them up, because I was supposed to be handling the accounts for instructors throughout the United States.
     One of the benefits of working for Silva International is that you can take the course for free. I took advantage of that and signed up for the next course they offered. Ed Bernd Jr. was my instructor.
     Ed was one of the people who thought they had made a big mistake in hiring me when I asked, "What's an invoice?" But he didn't tell me at the time that he had felt that way. He just pitched in and helped me learn how to use the techniques. During the twelve years I've known Ed, I have noticed that he is always willing to help anybody, even if he thinks that they are a "hopeless case."
     At the time I took the course, Ed was working on the Sales Power book with Mr. Silva and our sales trainer Dennis Higgins, learning how top sales professionals were using the Silva techniques to make big money selling. That turned out to be a very lucky coincidence for me.
     I quickly started using the Silva techniques to help me learn what I needed to know on the job: How to make invoices, how to keep records of transactions, how to read and understand the accounts receivables, and all the other things I had to do. I used the Three Fingers Technique to help me learn and remember what I had to know. I also used it to preprogram myself to use the Three Fingers Technique to relax and not get worried or upset.
     Ed helped me discover that I have the ability to sell. He taught me what he was learning about applying the Silva techniques to sales. This enabled me to build up quite a reputation for my ability to sell to Silva instructors and students.
     Then one day he suggested that I come to class and take orders for merchandise from the students.
     Take orders for merchandise? I could do better than that...I could sell the books and tapes and biofeedback equipment!
     I programmed myself, and at my level I imagined selling so much merchandise that Ed would say, "How did you do that?!"
     Even though I couldn't always answer all of the questions that the students asked me about the various items, I did all right. If Ed was busy with somebody else, I could usually find a Silva graduate nearby who could help answer the questions.
     At the end of the day when Ed asked me how much I'd sold, boy was he surprised! After that he always made sure that I was available when he scheduled a class, so that I could come sell merchandise.
     After five years of working for Silva International, I moved to Austin, Texas, about 250 miles from Laredo. I got a job working for the State of Texas, and a part time job with the local newspaper.
     The job with the newspaper was one that few people succeed at: Telemarketing.
     My job was to make phone calls for four hours each evening, and to either sell subscriptions to the newspaper, get people to accept a free trial that would turn into a paid subscription after the trial period ended, or renew and upgrade subscriptions.
     If you've ever worked that kind of job, you know how difficult it can be. You are calling people who don't especially want to talk to you. It is not like selling to students who have come to the class because they are interested in what you have to offer. Many of the people you call are not interested in reading a newspaper at all, much less paying to do so.
     Some reps don't make more than two or three sales per hour. In fact, I have read that good telemarketers usually average at the most, about fifteen to eighteen completed calls per hour. Not sales - just phone calls.
     I knew I had to do better than that. And I knew I could do better than that.
     So I recalled how I had programmed myself when Ed asked me to sell merchandise in class. I recalled the feelings I had when I programmed, and again when the programming was working so well and people were buying so many items from me. I also recalled how good it felt when Ed was so surprised and delighted at how much I had sold.
     He had taught me to recall my past successes. Dennis Higgins had suggested establishing "sales points of reference" at my level. That's what I did... I recalled what I had done before, the results I had gotten, and how great it felt, and I referred back to those experiences - my "points of reference."
     It really paid off. Listen to what was my sales manager, a lady named Sharon, wrote in a letter dated July 7, 1997, to document my successes:
     "One week, working part time (fifteen hours), Kathy had a total of 132 sales. This is more than any other sales person I've ever seen, including myself. She typically makes more than 100 sales per week.

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